About TECHCOLLEGE - Composite Training Center


At TECHCOLLEGE we have the best facilities for and the most experience with teaching and training programs within the composite field.  


Our Composite Training Center offers training within the following areas 

  • Mold making, including repairs and maintenance 
  • Construction of structural laminates (single-skin, sandwich, pre-pregs) 
  • Various infusion techniques 
  • Repairs of all types of composite surfaces, gelcoat, laminates – including carbon and hybrid fibers with or without vacuum consolidation 
  • Bonding and adhesion 
  • Polyurethane castings 
  • In-house testing of material such as tensile tests, deflection tests, adhesion tests using dollies, gloss tests, hardness tests etc. 
  • Single-skin repairs (boats, cars, fairings etc.) 
  • Sandwich laminates (using different matrix materials: balsa, foam, hardwood, etc.) 
  • Silicone casting, including latex 
  • Mold making techniques (single-skin, sandwich, PU etc.) 
  • Plug construction techniques (manual, milling, hot blade cutting, 3D printing, scanning) 
  • Vacuum infusion techniques (RTM, VUI, compressor etc.) 
  • Hand lay-up of various laminate types (single-skin, sandwich) 
  • Infusion of carbon and aramid fibers 
  • Handling of pre-pregs